Gamefest 2011 のスライドが公開に

MSDNの”Games for Windows and the DirectX SDK” blogでGamefest 2011のプレゼンテーションのスライドが公開になったというエントリがありました.
How Valve Makes Games Better with XPerf (Windows Performance Toolkit)
Scaling Your Game to N Cores: A Deep Dive on Tasking
Modern Texture Content Pipelines
Symbolic Differentiation in HLSL
Tiled Resources for Xbox 360 and Direct3D 11
Visual C++
Agile C++ Game Development with Visual Studio
Making the Compiler Do the Work for You with Code Analysis
Modern C++(0x) Programming with Visual Studio
Taming GPU Compute with C++ AMP
Making the Most of XAudio2’s xAPO Framework
Higher-Performance XAudio2
Games for Windows – LIVE
Defense Against the Dark Arts of Piracy and Cheating with Games for Windows – LIVE
Games for Windows – LIVE: Managing a “Simple Port”
Games for Windows – LIVE: Offering More Paths to Success


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