AMDがAMD Developer Summitのセッション動画を公開

AMDがYoutubeにAMD Developer Summitのセッション動画を公開しています.

  • Johan Andersson – Mantle for Developers
  • Dominic Mallinson – Inside PlayStation 4: Building the Best Place to Play
  • Mantle: Empowering 3D Graphics Innovation
  • Oxide discusses how Mantle enables game engine performance
  • Optimizing Game Development using AMD’s GPU PerfStudio 2
  • Developing Thief with New AMD Technology
  • CRYENGINE and AMD bringing the next generation now
  • Wwise Convolution Reverb with TrueAudio
  • AMD RapidFire API for Cloud Gaming
  • AstoundSound for Gaming – The next dimension in the evolution of Audio!
  • The Future of Gaming Panel
  • Adapting Game Content to the Viewing Environment


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