GDC 2014: Unity Technologies Developer Day

GDC 2014の3/18(現地時間)にUnity TechnologiesがUnity Technologies Developer Day という一日通しのセッションをやるようです.
Unity Technologies Developer Day

  • Introduction
  • Unity Cloud
  • Physically Based Shading in Unity
  • Unity: Common 2D Issues and How to Solve Them
  • Deploying Unity to the Web, Now and Future
  • Advanced Lighting Techniques in Unity
  • Take a Tour of the New GUI System In Unity
  • To Mecanim and Beyond!
  • How To Boost Rendering Performance and Frame Rate in your Games with Umbra 3 Occlusion Culling
  • Closing Remarks

“Physically Based Shading in Unity”といった”Advanced Lighting Techniques in Unity”といったグラフィックスのトピックは気になるところですね.
あと,昨年はFlash対応をキャンセルしましたが”Deploying Unity to the Web, Now and Future”といった部分も新しい話題が来るのか気になるところですね.