OpenGL ES 3.2の仕様が公開に

Khronos GroupのサイトでOpenGL ES 3.2の仕様が8/10付けで公開になっています.
仕様書pp.586のNew Featuresを抜粋してみました.

  • Almost all features of the Android extension pack, incorporating by reference
    all of the following features – with the exception of the sRGB decode
  • features of EXT_texture_sRGB_decode
  • Advanced blend equations.
  • Copying subregions between image objects
  • Supporting blending on a per-draw-buffer basis
  • Debug messages
  • Geometry shaders
  • Miscellaneous new shader functionality
  • ASTC texture compression (LDR profile only)
  • Primitive bounding boxes
  • Shader image atomic operations
  • Shader interface blocks
  • Shader multisample interpolation control
  • Sample shading control
  • Sample variables
  • Texture buffer objects
  • Texture border color
  • Texture cube map arrays
  • Tessellation shaders
  • STENCIL8 texture formats
  • Texture multisample 2D arrays

Android Extension Pack (AEP)の要素はすべて取り込まれるようで,ジオメトリシェーダやテセレーションがサポートされるようです.OpenGL ESでもDirect3D11世代相当の機能が標準で使えることになりそうす.